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Middleton's on Main, Wauconda, IL - Food Review

What use to be Lakeside Inn is now Middleton's on Main.  After an extended period of being closed new ownership has revamped the menu, bar, and decor.  They had a soft open on memorial day weekend, most likely as to not lose all business the local parade would bring them.  During this period of time they only were serving drinks.  I respect them for delaying the launch of the full menu since most people would prefer their food prepared right instead of being seeing something sloppy presented to them.

Last Friday, me and my friends decided to give it shot since we figured most of the opening kinks would be worked out after a few weeks past opening day.  Middleton's on Main received a major face lift since the days being Lakeside Inn.  While retaining most of its original feel it felt much more polished.  I am not sure what all went into remodeling the interior but it felt the same but also felt like more.

Upon arrival at 6:20 PM we entered the queue to be seated.  The hostess quoted us a 20 minute wait and we went to the bar to have a round of drinks while waiting for dinner seating.  The drinks that were made were a couple of 7 and 7's, and an Old Fashioned. These were made to par and the bartender seemed to know his stuff.

We also had a specialty drink they make called Death's Door Blueberry Lemonade.  This drink was made with fresh berries and Death's Door Vodka.  The drink was fruity and strong, but not overbearing.  I know the drink seems like a girly drink but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try one of their signature cocktails.  It was impressive, and unfortunately I drank all 8 dollars of the drink in a few minutes.  I wish the drink was larger, but as far as flavor goes I couldn't of asked for anything more.

At this point me and my guests checked on our seating and were told it was going to be another 15 minutes.  It wasn't until 6:55 PM that were finally seated.  In the future maybe the hostess should be more familiar with the average turnaround times on tables.  This was a minor downfall since we were still having a good time at the bar while we were waiting.  A key takeaway would be to show up early and expect to wait, especially with such a new restaurant that seems to be busy every evening.

Once seated our appetizers, entrees and desserts were all served efficiently and on time.  For an appetizer, me and my wife split an order of Dirty Bastard Ale Fondue and Oven Baked Soft Pretzels.  It was good and notable.  The beer that was cooked into the cheese lent it a unique flavor.  The pretzel portion was nothing special and was never meant to be the star of the dish.  I also tried a few pieces of crispy fried calamari that a friend ordered.  The breading was light and seasoned well, with unique tarter sauce.

The main entrees were wonderful and maybe even under priced for the mixture and quality of food being served.  I ordered the Jameson Chicken and cost $11.  The flavors were great, and the dish was presented very well.  Don't mind the picture, the lighting gives the dish a washed out look.  The only thing that seemed odd was the wilted spinach served on the dish.  Although it was very good and suited the flavor profile of the breaded chicken with the Jameson cream sauce, it didn't seem visually appetizing.

My wife had the Dublin Mac and Cheese.  I tried a small sample of her dish and it was real good.  This isn't your standard Mac and Cheese, and I was skeptical of trying it.  The Gruyere cheese that mixed in gave it unique taste and the top of the dish seem to of been toasted nicely.  Again well worth the $11 bucks for this entree.

Our guests ordered Fish and Chips, and Alaskan Snow Crab Legs.  Although I didn't try them they didn't have anything negative to say about it.  The only comment came about the lack crispiness to the breading on the fish.  It could be an issue with not enough starch being used, but I can't be sure.  They enjoyed it anyways so the point is probably only a minor detail.  The crab legs were very reasonable priced and I believe only cost $16 for a 1 pound.

For dessert we split the Vanilla Apple Crisp.  One word, Divine.  Hope this review sheds some light on the newest restaurant in Wauconda.  I would much prefer eating here over other similar options in the area in the future.  I just hope they can keep up the momentum and work out the few minor kinks that are common to any new restaurant. Thank you Louise, Steve, Randy, and my wife, Charish, for joining me on this dining experience.

Middletons on Main

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